FitQuest - AI Trainer

Like having a personal virtual trainer, FitQuest provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of body postures, ensuring correct form during exercise and thus preventing injuries. FitBot AI chatbot tracks workout routines and provides personalized diet recommendations based on their age, gender and current level.


Moo - Doorstep Dairy

Moo is a React Native project developed to address the challenges faced by local milkmen and consumers in the dairy industry. It aims to provide a user-friendly solution that allows consumers to easily find reliable milk suppliers and enables sellers to expand their business by connecting with customers in new locations.


Sinpie - Market Place

Sinpie is a simple marketplace that index products from several online stores. It is purely nonprofit and we don't make use of any affiliate link in our redirects.


Mimu - Diary App

I always wanted to keep a journal but find app present on playstore missing the mark so i created one and added all features i wanted for a diary app.


Abhyas Web

Abhyas is blessing for JEE aspirants. I always wanted to run abhyas on desktop natively but no luck so i made it myself (not ready for use yet!)


Anime Recommender System

Everyone loves anime, right? I made a recommender system to find more awesome anime of our choice based on 100k+ ratings and 3k+ animes.